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Proteomics Products & Services: Custom peptide arrays and services for proteomic scale
kinase profiling, epitope mapping, antibody  and autoantibody detection, profiling
phosphoprotein-binding proteins and domain-binding proteins.

Genomics Products & Services: A complete line of custom specialty microarrays and
biochips that are suitable for a wide range of synthesis, screening, and detection/sensing

microRNA Detection Microarray Service: Genxbio provides a genome-wide microRNA
(miRNA) expression profiling service using µParaflo®technology and proprietary probe design,
which enable highly sensitive and specific direct detection of miRNAs. We have standard
arrays for mature miRNA of all species available in the latest version of the Sanger miRBase
database (Release 11.0). Our service is comprehensive and includes small RNA enrichment
from your total RNA sample, single or dual color labeling, hybridization, image data processing
and data analysis

microRNA qRT-PCR Services: Our service is comprehensive and includes small RNA
enrichment from your total RNA sample, TaqMan® microRNA assay (in triplicate), and fully
analyzed quantitative data.  TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays quantitate microRNAs with the
specificity and sensitivity of TaqMan®assay chemistry. The assays target only mature
microRNAs, not their precursors, ensuring biologically relevant results. Every
TaqMan®MicroRNA Assay has been functionally validated under laboratory conditions to
ensure accurate results.

Gene Expression Analysis Service: Genxbio now offers gene expression analysis by
Affymetrix GeneChip® through our partnership with SeqWright DNA Technology Services, an
Affymetrix-authorized service provider. This service is GLP-compliant for handling patient
samples. We offer 5 day turnaround on most projects.

Custom Antibodies: Two key success factors in making good antibodies are design of
antigen and selection of antibodies made. We have the expertise, experience, and enabling
technologies of both.
Polyclonal & Monoclonal Abs
Antibody Conjugation
Chimeric Antibody Technology  

Custom Peptide Service: We offers a full range of peptide modifications and amino acids, at
competitive prices. This is another way we strive to provide the best values to the research
Custom Synthesis From 2-150 a.a.
Peptide Modifications
Modified Amino Acids
Peptide Array  

Custom Primer Synthesis: MIDLAND is primarily engaged in the custom manufacture and
sale of synthetic DNA and RNA products. MIDLAND'S experience in custom oligonucleotide
synthesis is unsurpassed in the biotechnology industry. For over 20 years, MIDLAND's
products have been used by researchers worldwide
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