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The Invsorb DNA CleanUP kit

The Invisorb® DNA CleanUp provides a convenient tool for fast and efficient cleanup of strong contaminated DNA, DNA
fragments and PCR products (80 bp up to 30 kb), DNA isolated using classical procedures and DNA from reaction mixtures
like the bisulfite method used in methylation analysis.


fast and easy handling
suitable for fragment sizes from 80 bp - 30 kb
complete removal of salts, detergents, nucleotides, mineral oil, primers, enzymes

Product Characteristics:

The optimized Binding Buffer adjust the condition and DNA or DNA fragments will be bound directly onto the surface of a spin filter column during contaminants will be passed through during washing step(s). The buffer volumes are balanced to minimize
pipetting steps. The Buffer P is added directly to the sample, adjusting the binding condition for DNA or DNA fragmentsand
the mixture is applied to the spin filter column. The DNA fragments are bound directly onto the membrane of a spin filter
column. After washing to remove contaminants the DNA or DNA fragments are eluted in a low-salt buffer or ddH2O.

The isolation protocol and all buffers are optimized to provide high yield and purity of the recovered DNA fragments. The
hands-on-time necessary for the whole procedure is reduced to a minimum. The purification process takes less than 10

The purified DNA fragments are ready to use in various downstream application such as:

Digestion with restriction enzymes
In vitro Transcription
Starting material
Rate of recovery
Time for preparation

up to 200 µl of DNA eluate
up to 100 µl of amplification reaction
up to 100 µl of reaction mixtures

60 % - 85 %depends on fragment length

less than 10 minutes
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