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Technology for Life
Life Sciences Products


  • Recombinant Protein
  • Pathogen proteins
  • Purified proteins
Peptide Chemistry

  • Usual and unusual amino acids
  • Peptide synthesis reagents
  • Peptide and peptide modifications
Research Chemicals

  • Rare chemicals
  • General Chemicals
  • Molecular Biology grade reagents
PCR reagents/Vectors

  • PCR optimizations kits
  • PCR reagents (dNTPS, Taq Polymerase etc)
  • Real time PCR regents
  • Cloning vectors
  • Expression vectors
Cell culture reagents   

  • Animal Cell culture media
  • Plant culture media
  • Microbial media
  • Sera and media supplements
Molecular Biology Reagents

Elisa & Assay Kits

  • Animal elisa kits
  • Plant elisa kits
  • Food allergens kits
  • Veterinary elisa kits
  • Elisa construction kits
  • Elisa and assay kit development reagents

  • Oligos synthesis
  • Oligo modifications
  • Antisense oligo synthesis
Microarray and accessories

  • Tissue microarray slides
  • Microarray reagents
  • microRNA microarray service
  • Whole genome microarray platform
Stems cells products

  • Stem cell markers
  • Stem cell culture media
  • Dyes
  • Stem cell antibodies
Liquid Handling System

  • Auto pipettes
  • Digital pipettes
  • Multichanel pipettes
Laboratory Plastic Ware

  • DNase/RNase free Pipette tips
  • DNase/RNase free microcentrifuge tubes
  • PCR tubes (DNAase/RNAase free)
  • Cell culture plastic ware
  • DNAase/RNAase free Pipette tips
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