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Genxbio Introducing 3 antibody trial offer:

GenxBio in association with our strategic partner StressMarq Biosciences Inc. invites you to evaluate our antibodies.

StressMarq Biosciences Inc. supplies the highest value bioreagents in the stress-related field. The performance of each has
been documented and is supported with online data sheets. However, as a new company, we cannot test each antibody in all
applications or species. If our datasheets do not indicate whether our antibody is suitable for your application or species, we
invite you to use our Trial Program*.
We only require you pay for shipping.

Antibodies eligible for this promotion are as follows:

Please contact us at or for more information.

*Limit of 3 antibodies per trial per lab
Hsp70 antibody
Clone C92
Cat # SMC-100

Mouse melanoma cells heat
shocked and probed with C92
Hsp70/Hsc70 antibody
Clone N27
Cat # SMC-104

Western blot showing
Hsp70/Hsc70 bands at 70kDa
Hsp90 Antibody
Clone H9010
Cat # SMC-107

Western blot showing Hsp90
bands at 90kDa
Hsp90alpha antibody
Clone K41009
Cat # SMC-108

Multi-blot format using cell lysate
from 12 human cancer cell lines
Hsp90 complex isolation antibody
Clone 8D3
Cat # SMC-109

Hsp90 complex isolation (IP) from
rabbit reticulocyte lysate (8D3),
PSD95 antibody
Clone 6G6
Cat # SMC-122

IF labelling of PSD95 in cultures of
dissociated hippocampal neurons
PSD95 antibody
Clone 7E3
Cat # SMC-123

ICC localization of PSD95 in rat
CamKII antibody
Clone 6G9
Cat # SMC-124

Co-localization of BAALC 1-6-8
protein with CamKII examined in
cultured cotrical neurons
CamKII antibody
Clone 22B1
Cat # SMC-125

WB analysis of CamKII and NFAT
phosphorylation in mice ventricles
Hsp90alpha antibody
Clone D7alpha
Cat # SMC-137

Immune isolation of hsp90
complex with D7alpha
LAMP1 antibody
Clone Ly1C6
Cat # SMC-140

IF in transfected HeLa cells
P38 MAPK antibody
Clone 9F12
Cat # SMC-152

Multi-blot using a cell lysate from
12 human cancer cell lines
  Nitrotyrosine antibody
Clone 39B6
Cat # SMC-154

Selective binding of mAB 39B6 to
Nitrotyrosine residues in rat liver
DNA Damage antibody
Clone 15A3
Cat # SMC-155

Oxidized guanine residues were
detected in CP tumors using the
15A3 antibody visualized in brown
Antibodies eligible for this promotion are as follows:


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